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Hi all, I'm Tonya.

I've been a Real Estate Investor & Wholesaler since July of 2016. 

Generational Real Estate Help, LLC began because I as a single mom of two kids could no longer rely on the income of a 9-5, every two weeks' paycheck.  Why, because I wanted more, and I wanted to provide more for my daughters so that they could have a fair start to something better.


I attended my first Rich Dad, Poor Dad conference in June of 2016 and completed my first wholesale deal in July of 2016. I bought my first Buy & Hold in February of 2017, and my first mobile home in a park in the summer of 2017. Thereafter, I bought my first home, a divorced mother of two, all by myself in March of 2018. I have completed numerous wholesale deals in the East Baton Rouge area, Lafayette area, and Alexandria area. I am a full-time investor. 


My main focus is our Mentorship Program, which is to teach others how to get started within real estate investing whether it be through Wholesale, Fix & Flip, Buy & Hold, Short Sell, or any other form of investing in real estate.


At Generational Real Estate Help, LLC, we supply investors with smart investment opportunities and homeowners with a fast buyout of their home or land. 


Not only are we here to help investors, but we are also here to help homeowners facing foreclosure, relocation, upgrading, structural issues, divorce, downsizing, death of a loved one, inheriting property, tax liens, bankruptcy, and/or job loss. 

There is no need for repairs, we buy homes - As Is. 

If you are an investor looking for your next cash flow rental property, fix and flip, and/or buy and hold, Generational Real Estate Help, LLC can help. We are located throughout Louisiana. Our general focus area is all along I-10, I-12, Hwy 90, and I-49. We're a Louisiana based real estate investment company. We are not the owners of any listed properties. The properties we offer are under contract to be assigned to an investor associate with our company. 

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